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If you have experienced an injury in a motorcycle accident, there is a tough battle ahead that you now face. Motorcycle injuries are among the most severe injuries you can suffer because the bike itself gives little to no protection. Even if you wore a helmet, you most likely suffered potentially life-threatening injuries, and you need someone to help take the legal weight off your shoulders when such happens. You already have enough on your plate by simply trying to put your life back in order after the accident. You shouldn’t have to deal with aggressive creditors or insurance adjusters.

At Hollis Law Firm, we have a wealth of experience in handling motorcycle accidents. We work vigorously to ensure that we build a solid case that warrants the compensation you deserve. We have a reputation for offering ethical and fearless representation and will work our hardest to help ensure our clients are compensated fully.

What to Look for in a Wichita Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Not all Wichita motorcycle accident lawyers are the same, especially when it comes to skill level and specialization. When it comes to choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer, there are many qualities you should look out for. 

Aggressive Litigation Practices

Does the Wichita motorcycle accident lawyer you choose have a record of taking cases up to a trial when necessary? When looking for an attorney, always ensure that they are known for aggressively and ethically representing a case till the deserved compensation is received.

Medical Treatment Issues

You should never go for a personal injury lawyer who wants a quick settlement, as this can leave you with a huge financial burden. The Wichita motorcycle accident attorney you choose should be able to ensure that you are not left with any uncovered medical bills upon resolving the lawsuit.

Past Case Results

When looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer, you should inquire about their past case results. Though a successful record in the past does not necessarily guarantee the outcome you might receive in your case, it indicates the attorney’s skill.

Communication Style

When you hire an attorney to take care of your motorcycle accident case, you look forward to working with them for months. This makes it crucial that you get along well with them. Pay close attention to their communication style. They should be able to explain and keep you updated on the progress of the case until it is resolved.

The Law Firm’s Resources

When looking for a motorcycle accident attorney in Wichita, always ensure that the financial resources they have are enough to take care of your trial if necessary. They should have the resources to investigate and represent you throughout the case, even when they have not been paid yet.

Common Causes of a Motorcycle Accident

Below are some common causes of motorcycle accidents, which can differ a bit from typical car accidents.

Left-Hand Turns

One most common cause of motorcycle accidents is the left-hand turn. Any time a driver makes a left-hand turn at an intersection, they might fail to notice an oncoming motorcyclist. They may crash into the bike or turn directly into the motorcyclist’s path.

Motorcycle Faults

The manufacturer of a poorly manufactured or designed motorcycle part may be held liable for any deaths or injuries arising from the use of the defective part.

Drunk Drivers

Truck or car drivers who cause an accident due to the influence of drugs or alcohol may face both criminal and civil liability.


This is one of the leading causes of all kinds of auto accidents. Speeding minimizes a vehicle’s chance of sighting and responding to other drivers/cyclists in time to hinder a collision—the higher the speed, the greater the impact of the accident.

Hit-And-Run Drivers

Hit-and-run drivers tend to leave the accident scene without identifying themselves or even helping anyone that needs assistance. They might be fleeing due to fear of going to jail, outstanding tickets, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you’ve gone into an accident with any of them, don’t follow them. Instead, first, seek medical assistance and then call the police.

Hazardous Road Conditions

Hazardous road conditions include uneven pavements, debris on the roadway, slippery surfaces or loose gravel, or other obstacles that may cause a threat. These hazardous conditions appear especially often near construction sites. Since motorcycles have less stability and are smaller in size, they may be more vulnerable to unsafe road conditions than other motor vehicles on the road.

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident victims are especially vulnerable to severe injuries. Below are some of the more common motorcycle accident injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury is a serious and extreme injury. Sometimes the injury to the brain is recognized later, since there are often no visible signs of damage. Since a traumatic injury can be permanently incapacitating, it’s good always to have your helmet on to lessen the accident’s impact on your head.

Broken Bones

A motorcycle accident’s most commonly reported broken bones include legs, ankles, wrists, arms, and collarbones.

Spinal Injury

There is mostly nothing to restrain you in a high-impact collision when thrown into the road or a nearby object. This may damage the spinal cord and frequently result in displaced discs, nerve damage, fractured vertebrae, and similar injuries.

Common Head Injuries

When a motorcyclist is thrown to the ground or over trees, vehicles, or handlebars that lead to an impact in the head, there’ll be a greater chance of a head injury. Common head injuries include bruising, concussions, and skull fractures.

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Reach Out to a Skilled Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Hollis Law Firm

Without the help of a Wichita motorcycle accident lawyer, successfully filing a claim can be near impossible. At Hollis Law Firm, we’ve been fighting for injury victims for a number of years and have recovered millions for our clients. We don’t see you as a dollar sign, case number, or even trial date. We normally see the painful hours you’ve spent in rehab, the weeks you have taken to recover, and the nights you’ve been awake thinking about the welfare of your family after losing wages.

We want the best for you and are thus focused on giving you personal attention and lengthily speaking with you until all your questions are answered. If you believe you have a potential motorcycle accident claim, call us at (800) 701-3672 today or contact us online for a free consultation. 


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