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    • Hollis Law Firm assists individuals who have experienced injuries due to negligence at businesses, helping victims pursue compensation. They provide support in premises liability cases, where individuals are injured while visiting properties.
    • The firm guides clients in proving crucial elements, ensuring that responsible parties are held accountable. They support clients in collecting adequate evidence, managing legal paperwork, and dealing with insurance companies and other representatives.
    • Hollis Law Firm operates on a contingency fee basis, offering risk-free legal support and free consultations to victims. They strive to minimize clients’ legal stress, ensuring that legal rights and protections are upheld throughout the legal process.
    • The firm emphasizes the importance of legal representation in premises liability cases, aiming to maximize compensation recovery, expedite the process, and secure justice for victims and survivors.
    • You can connect with us when you call (800) 701-3672 or complete the contact form on our website at your earliest convenience.

Grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and parking lots are all businesses you might visit. Each owes their visitors and guests a safe experience. However, the individuals who run them are susceptible to making oversights or forgetting to handle different issues that present a danger to everyone on the premises. In cases of injuries, people visiting the property may be eligible to take legal action and collect compensation. Serious bodily harm requiring medical attention should not be your cost to shoulder, and you can hold liable parties accountable.

Proving responsibility in a premises liability case can be demanding, but is not impossible. With adequate evidence and legal support from a Kansas City premises liability lawyer, you can win the fair compensation you require to make a recovery. You will need to demonstrate that the premises owed you a duty of care, they were negligent, your injuries resulted from their negligence, and you’ve suffered economic losses. We encourage you to communicate with Hollis Law Firm and retain an attorney to assist in dealing with these complex circumstances.

How to Prove Responsibility in a Premises Liability Case

To prove the responsibility of a property owner or renter, you will need to demonstrate that a few key factors are true. The following are essential properties that must be present in your case if you want to receive fair compensation and hold the liable parties accountable:

Duty of Care

Essentially, the duty of care refers to the responsibility one has to prioritize the safety of others whom their decisions may impact. On the road, a driver might owe the duty of care to follow the speed limit and reduce the odds of injuries. In a grocery store, the owner must ensure that spills are cleaned up quickly, guests are notified of potential risk of injury, and other OSHA guidelines are followed.


If a premises owner breaks the duty of care, they show negligence. Not following guidelines can easily result in slips, falls, and other severe injuries for guests. You may need evidence to demonstrate that someone was negligent at the premises.

Serious Injuries

You will need to prove that your injuries resulted from the individual’s negligence, which is relatively simple. Most courts will accept a medical bill dated shortly after the incident. Other medical documents may also apply, depending on the circumstances.

Economic Loss

Connecting financial losses to your accident can be difficult. Economic losses include those with objective monetary values, like medical bills, repair costs, and time taken off work. You can also collect compensation for non-economic damages, like emotional distress or pain and suffering, but these are not sufficient on their own.

We strongly recommend you work with a qualified attorney to prove these elements are true. A premises liability lawyer in Kansas City from Hollis Law Firm can help you demonstrate that all of these aspects are true, allowing you to collect compensation for your damages. Your attorney can also maximize the value of your losses, hold the liable parties accountable, and minimize the stress you might experience during the process.

Are Kansas City Premises Liability Lawyers Expensive to Retain?

We encourage you to retain support from a qualified attorney whenever you are involved in legal matters, either as a plaintiff or defendant. We suggest you work with a premises liability lawyer if you have been harmed due to a property owner’s negligence. 

While lawyers often have the reputation of being costly to retain, this is not always true. An attorney from Hollis Law Firm can help you without risk as we work on a contingency fee basis. We also offer free consultations to victims and survivors needing support, including individuals subjected to premises liability negligence. This means you don’t have to pay until we’ve won your case and brought you compensation. You don’t suffer out-of-pocket losses because you can win recovery for attorney fees. The liable parties cover our costs.

We can assist you by collecting and analyzing evidence, conducting investigations, liaising with insurance companies, and handling paperwork. This is not an exhaustive list of the ways we can support you, and we will help you face reduced legal stress.

Please refrain from representing yourself during legal matters, including those pertaining to premises liability and negligence. We recommend you work with an attorney to mitigate the risk of mistakes, save money, win the maximum compensation, and speed up your recovery. Please get in touch with Hollis Law Firm as soon as possible to retain great support.

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Hollis Law Firm’s Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help You Win Fair Compensation

If you have been injured due to the negligence of a premises owner or renter, you can take action and hold them accountable. You also don’t have to take action alone, as an attorney from Hollis Law Firm will have the strategies and resources to help you confidently navigate legal matters. We can answer your questions and concerns in a free consultation with a talented and dedicated attorney.

Our attorney has a strong track record of fighting for the rights and protections of his clients, including victims and survivors in need. To schedule a free consultation with us, you can call (800) 701-3672 or fill out the contact form.


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