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  • The article emphasizes the responsibilities of property owners to maintain safe premises, highlighting the potential dangers and resulting injuries from neglect, such as slip-and-fall incidents at various locations like grocery stores and amusement parks.
  • It underscores the complexities in securing compensation for injuries sustained due to others’ negligence, outlining the requisite proofs, including owed duty of care, demonstrated negligence, serious injuries, and economic losses.
  • Medical attention is stressed after any serious injuries, as medical records serve as pivotal evidence in legal proceedings, aiding the injured in asserting their dedication to recovery.
  • Hollis Law Firm offers comprehensive legal support for slip-and-fall victims, managing paperwork and strategic communication, thereby mitigating stress and enhancing case value, with free consultations available.
  • You can connect with us when you call (800) 701-3672 or complete the contact form on our website at your earliest convenience.

Leaving home is often necessary to fulfill various needs, such as grocery shopping, car repairs, or dining at a restaurant. People will also want to go out for pleasure and to experience specific amenities, like visiting a bar, amusement park, or club. But these spaces may be dangerous in certain circumstances, particularly when the owners or renters in charge of the location are irresponsible. Visiting another property should be a safe experience, so those managing the spaces are responsible for maintaining and cleaning.

Slipping and falling on someone else’s property can quickly lead to severe injuries requiring medical attention. But you should not be forced to shoulder the costs of medical bills when someone else is negligent. Though it may be difficult, you can hold these individuals accountable and receive compensation. We recommend you work with a Kansas City slip and fall attorney from Hollis Law Firm for assistance managing your claims. We can help you recover the compensation you need to make a recovery.

How to Prove Negligence in a Slip-And-Fall Case

If you have been hurt during a slip-and-fall accident on someone’s property, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the liable party. However, holding these individuals accountable can be difficult, as you must prove their negligence. To recover compensation, you must verify the following elements are true: 

Owed Duty of Care 

Every property owner is responsible for maintaining the safety of the premises, even in a personal home or relatively public location. Keeping a location safe is part of the duty of care they owe, including cleaning up spills, warning others of temporary dangers, and providing safety gear whenever necessary. 


Also referred to as a breach in duty of care, someone demonstrates negligence when they do not adequately prioritize the health and safety of others. For example, willfully ignoring a spill on the ground and failing to warn visitors jeopardizes people’s safety. You may need to collect evidence that portrays negligence in your particular circumstances. 

Serious Injuries

To receive compensation, you must show that the other person’s negligence was a direct cause of your severe injuries. Often, you can show this is true by sharing relevant medical documents time-stamped shortly after the incident. 

Economic Losses

Showing you’ve suffered financial losses is also essential to receive compensation. While you can receive additional compensation for non-economic losses, like pain and suffering or emotional distress, showing objective loss is necessary. Economic losses may include values related to medical bills, attorney’s fees, time taken off work, property damage, and more. 

Demonstrating that someone was negligent in your slip-and-fall case can be difficult, so we strongly recommend you retain support from a slip and fall attorney. Contacting and retaining support from an attorney at Hollis Law Firm can help tremendously, as our Kansas City slip and fall attorney can help collect and analyze evidence in favor of your needs.

Should You See a Doctor After a Slip-And-Fall Accident?

We encourage you to seek medical attention after any circumstance where you suffer serious injuries, including after a slip-and-fall accident. This is essential because a doctor can assess your bodily harm, find latent injuries, recommend treatment plans, and refer you to additional specialists.

Seeking medical attention can also be helpful during your legal proceedings, as they can aid you in proving your dedication to a full recovery. Doctor’s notes, medical bills, history, and other documents can also be used as evidence to support your version of events. If you need assistance finding a trustworthy medical professional, an attorney from Hollis Law Firm can help you discuss your options or provide a referral.

Who Needs a Kansas City Slip-And-Fall Lawyer?

Whenever you are involved in legal matters, including those unrelated to slip-and-fall incidents, we always recommend you work with a slip and fall lawyer in Kansas City. Those who work with a slip and fall attorney during their legal proceedings are far more likely to walk away with good results, including reduced litigation time, decreased stress, and boosted compensation in personal injury cases. 

By working with a Kansas City slip-and-fall lawyer from Hollis Law Firm, you’ll have support in managing your paperwork, communicating strategically with insurance companies, and maintaining fair footing against other representatives.

We encourage you to refrain from representing yourself in slip-and-fall cases due to the significant risk of adverse consequences and potential mistakes. Mistakes can easily lead to lost cases, reduced or zero compensation, more stress, and lengthy court processes. When you contact Hollis Law Firm, you can avoid mistakes and boost your odds of recovering. We can also increase the value of your case, ensuring you get what you need and deserve.

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Hollis Law Firm Can Help: Win Fair Compensation After a Slip-And-Fall Accident

If you have been injured due to a slip-and-fall on a negligent party’s property—including grocery stores, restaurants, theme parks, and similar premises—you don’t have to manage legal matters alone. When you retain legal support from an attorney at Hollis Law Firm, you can face lower stress and prioritize healing from your injuries. You don’t deserve to manage these complex tasks alone, so allow us to help. 

You can schedule a free consultation with a talented, dedicated, and understanding slip and fall attorney when you contact us. If you have questions about your case, any concerns can be addressed during your consultation. You can connect with us when you call (800) 701-3672 or complete the contact form on our website at your earliest convenience.


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