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Covidien is a subsidiary of Medtronic. In 1999, its first hernia mesh product was placed in the U.S. market. The center of its pride — and the center of its most likely litigious products — is the Parietex mesh line.

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Though there have been no trials or settlements to date, patients are starting to file their lawsuits against Covidien. There are four main implants subject to potential litigation:

  1. Parietex
  2. Parietex Composite
  3. Parietex ProGrip
  4. Parietex Plug & Patch System.

History of the Case

Covidien Parietex Surgical Mesh

According to one patient’s adverse event report, their Covidien Parietex surgical mesh failed altogether. That patient reported needing additional surgeries to locate the mesh, which had migrated. A CT scan finally found it at the bottom of the patient’s stomach.(7)

Covidien Parietex Composite Mesh

In another report made in May 2017, a patient needed to have a “panniculectomy because fat necrosis had grown onto the mesh and was hurting.” Not only was the patient hospitalized, it was reported this patient so far had undergone two hernia repair procedures. The adverse event type was “serious injury and the event outcome [was] hospitalization.”(8)

In a separate case, a patient reported they “had hernia repair surgery and [were] implanted with [Parietex] composite mesh.” After the mesh was implanted the patient reported they were “[h]ospitalized once for infection and then had to have the mesh surgically removed after another infection.” (9)

Covidien Parietex ProGrip Mesh

In one instance, an adverse event report discussed a patient who underwent a left inguinal hernia surgical procedure and received a Covidien Parietex ProGrip mesh. Afterward, “the patient experienced increased pain…” In an attempt to alleviate the pain, “the patient had cryo-ablation to [deaden] the nerves…The patient needed to continue to have injections…to help with the pain.”(10)

In another adverse event report, a patient stated they underwent surgery to repair an inguinal hernia. The surgeon used a Covidien Parietex ProGrip mesh. Just weeks after having the surgery, the patient reported they “developed extreme debilitating pain at the surgery site and into the groin area. After many attempts to relieve the pain through pain management, with little to no relief,” the patient “had a second surgery to remove the mesh.” (11)

In addition, in another report a patient underwent a bilateral laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair. According to the patient, “the mesh gave away causing swelling in [the] left groin, passing urine and other medical complications.” The patient underwent a revision surgery, and suffered complications.(12)

Injuries Related to Product

If you’ve experienced one of the following injuries, you may have a claim in the Covidien hernia mesh lawsuit.

Consumers are filing their lawsuits for adverse reactions and injuries emanating from the use of these products. Some of the most common complications reported to the FDA include:

Other complications and injuries may result as well — the same type of injuries that can result from any defective hernia mesh product.

Additional Literature

Interested in learning more about the hernia mesh lawsuit? Read the following additional case literature.

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