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Riding a bike is not only fun but has a lot of added benefits, like being eco-friendly and a great form of exercise. Kansas City is a wonderful place to explore on a bike. It’s filled with unique neighborhoods, street art, and beautiful architecture. There’s always something new to notice on a bike ride. Cycling is a beloved activity for many reasons. Unfortunately, cyclists are at increased risk of suffering severe injuries because of negligent individuals around them. While there are laws in place to keep Kansas City cyclists safe, disregard for those laws or not being familiar with the laws means that cyclists may find themselves involved in an accident that results in serious, possibly life-threatening injuries. 

At Hollis Law Firm, our bicycle accident lawyers know that our clients are coming to us after serious accidents that have substantially impacted their lives. Our bicycle accident lawyers in Kansas City know that pursuing a personal injury claim is not only difficult legally, but it can be strenuous on people just trying to recover. That’s why our law firm is proud to provide our clients with unparalleled legal services and guide them through the process to pursue the best possible outcome. 

Kansas City Bicycle Laws 

Kansas City has implemented laws that cyclists must follow on the road and laws regarding how other motorists should treat cyclists to keep them safe. In general, cyclists must obey the same laws as motorists, but there are some specific regulations for cyclists to abide by:

  • Cyclists must stay as far right as possible unless they are overtaking another cyclist, getting ready to turn left, or they are avoiding hazards. 
  • Cyclists are not allowed to ride side by side. They must ride in a line, one behind the other, unless on a path designated explicitly for cyclists that allows them room to ride side by side. 
  • Cyclists must always have proper reflective lighting in place. They must be as visible as possible.
  • When riding at night, bikes should have a front-facing headlamp that provides 500 feet of visibility and a rear-end red reflector that must be visible from a distance of 600 feet. 

Motor vehicles must also abide by rules of the road and law regarding the distance of their vehicle from a cyclist (minimum of three feet) and the manner in which they may approach cyclists. Motorists cannot travel or park their vehicles in designated bicycle lanes. 

Advantages of Hiring a Kansas City Bicycle Accident Lawyer

People injured by someone else’s negligence are entitled to recover damages (monetary compensation) for their injuries and other related losses. However, before receiving any compensation, they put prove the other party was negligent and therefore liable for damages. Negligence is the legal term that encompasses behaviors that fail to uphold the legal responsibility of reasonable care in a particular situation. 

Proving negligence means establishing that your injuries or other losses would not have occurred if not for the other party’s actions or lack of action. However, personal injury claims are not as straightforward as demonstrating that a part was negligent because insurance companies will push back and argue that their insurer was not negligent and even try to blame you for contributing to the accident. Their goal is to limit their responsibility and payout regardless of whether or not their insurer was negligent. In Kansas City, the comparative negligence rule means that insurance can point some blame on you in an effort to reduce your damages or to dismiss your claim altogether. 

This is why individuals who’ve been injured in a bicycle accident by another negligent party benefit from the help and experience of a Kansas City bicycle accident attorney. A bicycle accident attorney can help investigate your accident and build a strong claim that clearly demonstrates your right to full and just compensation. When you work with an experienced bicycle accident attorney in Kansas City, they can help:

  • Obtaining and reviewing police reports
  • Reexamining the accident scene 
  • Collecting physical evidence (photos of the accident scene, proof of damage to you or your bike)
  • Speak with possible witnesses
  • Consult with accident reconstruction experts 
  • Obtaining and reviewing medical records and bills
  • Pause medical bills until your claim is settled 
  • Consult with experts to understand the long-term implications of your injuries
  • Gather proof if you need future medical treatment 
  • Establish if there is any impact on future earning capacity 
  • Establishing the estimated value of your claim
  • Negotiating with insurance companies

Insurance companies may try to lowball you, but a dedicated Kansas City bicycle accident attorney can aggressively pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. They will even prepare your case for court if need be to ensure you get the compensation you are owed. 

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident?

It is against the law in Kansas City to leave the scene of an accident. Fleeing an accident scene is considered a criminal offense, yet it is still common. When the cyclist is injured in a hit-and-run, the fleeing driver can be charged with a felony offense. However, to hold that driver accountable, they must first be located. This is why cyclists must always contact local law enforcement after a hit-and-run. Police can conduct an investigation to search for the vehicle and its owner. Working with a Kansas City bicycle accident lawyer after a hit-and-run is beneficial because they may be able to help locate the offender as well by working alongside the police department. 

Even if the offender is not located, you can still possibly recover compensation through an uninsured motorist coverage claim within your own auto insurance policy. However, insurance companies fight to avoid paying damages, even to their own insurers. This is why cyclists need to call a bicycle accident attorney in Kansas City as soon as possible. A bicycle accident attorney can help prove the accident occurred and that your injuries demand compensation. 

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Speak to an Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorney in Kansas City Today 

Cyclists are vulnerable in an accident because they lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle, such as an airbag or seat belts. While their protective gear can be life-saving, cyclists are still at an increased risk of sustaining debilitating, if not life-threatening, injuries. Many cyclists are then faced with having to undergo costly medical treatments and being unable to work to keep up with their expenses.

Hollis Law Firm works to help our clients build strong claims that establish their need and right to maximum compensation. We are dedicated to our clients and will prepare them and their claims for trial if necessary. Contact our firm today to start discussing your claim by completing our contact form or calling (800) 701-3672.


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