Dangerous Drugs

The American Medical Association reports that pharmaceutical injuries (adverse reactions to prescription drugs) are the fourth leading cause of death for Americans. As consumers, we look to drug companies to manufacture and sell healthcare products that are effective and reasonably safe. We also expect drug companies to meet their legal obligations to disclose to consumers and doctors the health risks posed by using their products so that we can make informed choices about what drugs we take. Read More

Defective Devices

Medical device manufacturers are under a legal obligation to exercise reasonable care in the design, testing, manufacturing and marketing of therapeutic medical devices such that they don’t expose patients to unreasonable health risks. Because pre-market testing is expensive and time-consuming, medical device manufacturers – in pursuit of greater and faster profits – often take advantage of a provision in federal law. Read More

Attorney Refferals

The Hollis Law Firm has partnered with law firms from all over the country in pharmaceutical and product liability cases. Together, we have obtained millions of dollars in settlements for our joint clients. We have co-counseled cases with firms ranging in size from solo practitioners to large firms with multiple offices throughout the county. We are always looking for new partners to expand our network and bring justice to those injured by faulty medical devices and dangerous drugs.   Read More