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A bus accident is among the worst types of vehicle collision due to the total number of people who can be injured. Buses pose a powerful risk to drivers on the road if the bus goes out of control or drives against traffic laws because, like trucks, a bus is large and will almost always prevail in a collision with a smaller vehicle. However, the bus passengers are often the most at risk, as few buses provide or require personal safety belts in each seat.

When people are injured or killed in a bus accident, and when personal vehicles are damaged, liability can be a challenging issue. A Kansas City bus accident lawyer can help you build a case and seek the compensation you need to cover medical bills and the aftermath of a traumatic bus accident.

Bus Accidents Are Much More Complicated Than Car Accidents

A bus accident case involves more people than almost any other type of accident. This also includes the unseen liable parties like the bus or transport company and the insurance providers.

A bus accident involves the bus and the driver, who may or may not be at fault. The accident usually requires at least one other driver in a collision that may have caused injuries or even fatalities when impacting the bus. Inside the bus, any passengers may also have been injured when the bus was shaken on impact and typically have a collection of mild to severe injuries. Common bus accident injuries include:

Bus accidents are notorious for throwing people around inside the bus and for creating a massive impact when colliding with a smaller vehicle. This can result in serious and lasting injuries, including the types of injuries that may not fully manifest for weeks or even months after the incident.

Bus Accidents in Kansas City

Kansas City is also a uniquely complex place for a bus accident to occur. Our city is spread over two states, and those two states have different laws regarding liability. You may need an experienced Kansas City bus accident lawyer to help determine the full extent of your costs and how to find the best settlement depending on the state the accident occurred in.

Who Can Be Held Liable For a Bus Accident in Kansas City?

Again, bus accidents are much different than car accidents. The liability typically does not fall on the bus driver directly.

The Bus Driver and Bus Company

Typically, if the bus driver is at fault, the bus itself, or bus passengers are injured, the bus company’s liability will come into play. Bus drivers are usually covered by the company liability policy, and bus liability often includes some responsibility of care and safety, even if the other driver was partially or more completely at fault.

The Other Vehicle Driver

The other driver may also be liable for their own medical bills or even the damage and injuries caused by the entire accident, if they are at fault.

How Does Bus Accident Law in Kansas City Differ Between States?

Kansas and Missouri handle car accident liability in two very different ways. Most importantly, Kansas is a no-fault state while Missouri is an at-fault state when it comes to whose insurance pays for damage, injury, and recovery expenses.

At-Fault Liability for Bus Accidents in Missouri

In an at-fault state like Missouri, the party who is the most responsible will be asked to provide liability coverage for property damage and those injured. Missouri is also a partial-fault state. This means that both drivers may accept a percentage of the fault for the accident, and if an injured claimant is partially at-fault, their settlement is reduced by that fault percentage.

No-Fault Liability and Bus Accidents in Kansas

In a no-fault state, all drivers are required to have collision and personal injury coverage in case of a crash. Instead of making a claim against the other driver’s liability insurance, each driver makes a claim with their own insurance. This allows for faster medical coverage approval and less need for an extensive examination of fault for each case.

Why Bus Accidents Happen

Kansas City buses have a wide range of variables, from passengers to driver distractions to poor maintenance.

Inattentive or Distracted Bus Drivers

When the bus driver is distracted, sleep-deprived, or simply inattentive to road conditions, a bus accident can occur. This is an especially high risk around intersections where a bus may make an unexpected move or turn.

Reckless or Unaware Car Drivers

Some car drivers try to “zip around” buses, effectively cutting them off, weaving around buses in traffic, and potentially causing an accident. Others simply do not see the imminent collision with a bus that is out of place, or a bus in the place they’d like to be. Unaware or reckless drivers can cause bus accidents.

Traffic Code Violations by Either Vehicle

Traffic codes are there to keep everyone safe. When you know what other vehicles—including buses—are going to do, it is safe to make driving decisions like moving through an intersection. If either the bus or another driver violates traffic codes, there is an increased chance of a bus accident.

Aggressive or Distracting Bus Passengers

Sometimes, a bus passenger or group will get belligerent and distracting instead of sitting quietly with those just looking for transport. These individuals may cause noise or activity in the passenger area of the bus and, on rare occasions, a disruptive passenger may even attack the bus driver, preventing them from avoiding or preventing an accident.

Unsafe Road Conditions

Another cause of bus accidents is unsafe road conditions. If gravel, ice, or deep puddles prevent the bus from maintaining traction on the road, physics can cause the accident on its own. This is also true of drivers outside the bus who need to be prepared for the possibility of unsafe road conditions. 

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When to Call a Bus Accident Lawyer in Kansas City

If you have recently been involved in a Kansas City bus accident, contact a bus accident lawyer right away. An experienced Kansas City bus accident lawyer will know which legal side of the line your bus was on and how to make a strong case against often-elusive bus companies when accidents and injuries occur. 

Our personal injury attorneys at Hollis Law Firm have experience handling bus accident claims and are proud to provide our clients with the dedicated representation they deserve. We understand that bus accidents can be overwhelming, so we want to take care of the legal matters for you so that you can focus on your recovery. If you believe you have a bus accident case, please reach out to us at (800) 701-3672 or fill out our contact form to discuss your potential compensation. 


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