How Dangerous is Contaminated Valsartan?

The FDA has released preliminary data regarding the levels of the carcinogen NDMA found within various brands of valsartan, the reasonable safe levels of NDMA, and the increased risk of cancer associated with contaminated valsartan. However, the FDA does not indicate what materials or math it used to come to reasonable safe level or increased … Continued

Contaminated Valsartan by Manufacturer, Lot and National Drug Code (NDC)

The majority of valsartan currently on the market has been recalled due to being contaminated with cancer causing impurities. Most valsartan manufacturers have only recalled “limited lots” of valsartan. A closer investigation reveals that the manufacturers are only recalling valsartan lots which are not expired and are at risk of being ingested. However, the valsartan … Continued

Mylan Stock Down After Announcing Valsartan Recall

On November 20, 2018, Mylan N.V., a global leader in generic drug manufacturing, has recalled several lots of valsartan due to the detect of a cancer causing impurity known as N-Nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA). For more information on the valsartan lots recalled, see our comprehensive listing of specific lots of valsartan confirmed contaminated. Mylan (NASDAQ: MYL) shares … Continued

Valsartan Alternatives

ARB Alternatives Valsartan and other blood pressure medications in the same class (ARBs) have recently been found to contain cancer causing impurities. Learn more about the history of the valsartan contamination at our valsartan timeline page. Now that numerous ARBs have been confirmed to be contaminated, many patients and doctors are looking for an alternative … Continued

Getinge Stock Falls as Lawsuits Mount: Getinge Sells Off Atrium’s C-Qur Hernia Mesh Line

Atrium Medical Corporation has announced that it has signed an agreement selling its entire bio-surgery business, including the C-Qur hernia mesh line to HJ Capital 1 and its subsidiary of SeCQure Surgical Corporation. The Swedish medical company Getinge previously purchased Atrium and its biosurgery business in 2011 for $680 million. However, Atrium’s biosurgery segment only had … Continued

Evolution of Bard Ringed Hernia Mesh

510(k) clearance history: Kugel 510k 1996 Sepramesh 2000 Composix E/X Mesh 2000 Composix Kugel 2001 (510k summary missing from FDA website) Ventralex 2002 Ventrio 2008 (fully resorbable ring) Ventralight ST 2010 Composix L/P 2010 Ventralex ST 2011 Ventrio ST 2011 Ventralex 2013 (changing to a resorbable ring)    

Does Polypropylene (Plastic) in Hernia Mesh Degrade After Implanting in Humans?

For over five decades, hernia mesh manufacturers have claimed that the polypropylene (PP) utilized to make their hernia mesh products is inert. An inert object will not change or degrade over time. Hernia mesh implants are life-long medical devices; therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the material utilized to make the hernia mesh … Continued

The Origins of Hernia Mesh

Benjamin Pease obtained a patent to create hernia mesh in 1954. Pease built a simple machine in his barn to begin creating his hernia mesh prototypes. Pease’s hernia mesh patent set out many standards for whatever material would ultimately be utilized to create a hernia mesh. The standards that Pease set out are still relevant today. … Continued

Atrium Medical Whistle Blower

Atrium Medical Corporation recently settled a lawsuit for $11.5 million after an employee tried to expose an improper physician kick-back scheme that the company was involved in. Atrium Medical Corporation is based in Hudson, New Hampshire and manufactures medical devices. The lawyers at the Hollis Law Firm are currently in litigation with Atrium Medical Corporation regarding their … Continued

8 Tips for How to Get the Most Out of Your Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor’s office visits can be stressful and confusing. Health matters are important. You only have 15-20 minutes with your doctor, make sure you’re getting the most out of your appointment. 1. Determine the purpose of your visit. Are you meeting with a new doctor to establish primary care? Are you having new symptoms to an existing … Continued

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Commercial

Did you see a hernia mesh recall commercial on TV? Didn’t get time to rewind the TV or take down the phone number when the commercial ran? Contact the Hollis Law Firm today at (800) 701-3672 or fill out the contact box on this screen. We have been experiencing high call volumes since launching our … Continued

Hernia Mesh Problems: What’s the Cost?

Hernia mesh problems take a physical, mental, emotional, and financial toll. Problems from hernia mesh can be painful, dangerous, and life altering. Polypropylene mesh is used in hernia repairs because of the flexible, durable material and because the mesh is inexpensive to manufacture. Hernia mesh such as C-Qur brand hernia mesh has a greater unknown … Continued

Benicar Manufacturer Paid Millions to Doctors and Researchers in 2015

Benicar side effects may have been hidden from the public by the manufacturer. Up to 67 million Americans have high blood pressure. Since April of 2002, Benicar has been used to treat high blood pressure, or hypertension. A person can still be very healthy despite having high blood pressure. When other health problems start occurring, … Continued

Transvaginal Mesh Use Falls After FDA Warning

Pelvic Organ Prolapse has been treated with surgical mesh for over 20 years. Studies show the use transvaginal mesh has fallen in recent years thanks to strongly worded warnings from the FDA. Surgical mesh has been used for treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse since 1992. Pelvic organ prolapse, or POP, occurs when the muscles and … Continued