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Kansas City has a wonderful combination of nature and unique activities, all relatively close in proximity. Many Kansas City residents enjoy the scenery on foot or by riding a bicycle. Not only does the bicycle provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way of traveling, but it also is an excellent source of exercise. While there are many benefits to riding a bicycle around the city, there are significant risks that cyclists need to consider.

Due to the lack of protection, cyclists can suffer severe injuries when involved in an accident. Helmets, gloves, and other safety gear can reduce the severity and likelihood of life-threatening injuries. However, bicyclists can still suffer dangerous injuries despite following all the necessary precautions. If you are involved in a serious accident due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek legal representation for your losses. An experienced lawyer at Hollis Law Firm has the tools and resources to help you recover the losses you suffered from an accident.

What Types of Injuries Can You Sustain in a Kansas City Bicycle Accident?

In some bicycle accidents, the individual may only sustain minor bruises and cuts. Unfortunately, other crashes may cause life-altering injuries and sometimes death. Consider common types of injuries cyclists may sustain after an accident:

    • Fractures
    • Strains
    • Traumatic brain injuries
    • Road rash
    • Lacerations 
    • Concussions
    • Rib fractures
    • Ruptured spleen
    • Skull fracture
    • Cranial hemorrhage
    • Pancreatic trauma
    • Hernia
    • Renal contusions
    • Bowel contusions
    • Contusions
    • Facial fractures
    • Dental fractures

    The physical, emotional, and mental strain that a cyclist may experience because of an accident often limits the individual’s ability to enjoy the hobbies and activities they once loved. Holding the reckless person responsible for their actions may help stop similar accidents from occurring.

    7 Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Kansas City, MO

    When filing an injury claim for a bicycle accident caused by the driver of a motor vehicle, there will need to be evidence and documentation showing the driver’s negligence and carelessness. While there are numerous ways for a driver to cause a bicycle accident, the following are a few common examples:

    • Distracted Driving: When drivers are distracted by their phone, the radio, or even other passengers, they take their attention off the road and may cause severe accidents to cyclists.
    • Speeding: High speeds may cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle, maneuver their vehicle out of the way, or might be unable to stop from hitting a cyclist. 
    • Weaving Through Traffic: As drivers weave through traffic, they are less likely to see bicyclists in the bike lane or who are sharing traffic lanes.
    • Failing to Leave an Adequate Buffer: If a vehicle is too close to a cyclist, they may be unable to stop or move out of the way if the cyclist abruptly stops. They may also accidentally tap the bike and cause a harmful accident.
    • Unsafe Lane Changes: Changing lanes without looking or abruptly entering a merge lane are a few examples of unsafe lane changes that can cause serious problems for bicyclists. 
    • Turning without Looking: When a light is green, or a driver believes no cars are coming, they may turn a corner without looking. Cyclists are harder to spot than large vehicles, so drivers must check before turning.
    • Running a Red Light or Stop Sign: Intersections are widespread locations of accidents. When a car does not come to a complete stop or runs a red light, they risk the safety of everyone around them — including bicyclists. 

    When receiving their license, drivers agree to follow the road rules. By abiding by these regulations, they promise to keep themselves and others safe from negligent harm. Unfortunately, some individuals may disregard these rules and cause injuries. Talking with your lawyer can help you find the best possible option for your claim.

    How Can a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Help Your Injury Claim?

    After a severe bicycle accident, the losses you face can cause debilitating, long-term injuries. Not only can you suffer financial hardships, but also a lack of enjoyment of the activities you once loved. When you suffer damages in an accident, a bicycle accident lawyer has the resources to help build your claim. There are many ways an experienced lawyer can assist your claim, including:

    • Answering questions about your claim
    • Thoroughly investigating your claim
    • Collecting evidence and documentation
    • Establishing responsibility and negligence
    • Advocating for your rights 
    • Negotiating settlement offers
    • Communicating with insurance

    It’s vital that you speak with your bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. The more time they have to gather evidence, speak with eyewitnesses, and investigate your claim, the more likely you will have a smooth and successful outcome.

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