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How Improper Braking Causes Truck Accidents and How to Obtain Fair Compensation in Kansas City

Truck Accidents / December 30, 2023

When driving on Kansas City roads, you often have to share the road with trucks. While these vehicles and their drivers are essential for e-commerce and supply chains, they also pose serious dangers to other drivers. Many truck accidents occur due to improper braking, which often leads to rear-end collisions, the most common type of crash in the US. If a truck driver got distracted or was following too closely and caused an accident and your injuries, our experienced lawyer at Hollis Law Firm is here to fight for your rights and seek justice.

We proudly provide Kansas City truck accident victims with the unmatched legal services they deserve, so you can trust us to fearlessly take on your claim, regardless of circumstances. Our compassionate team understands the difficult times you face after a truck accident, so we effectively manage every aspect of your claim so you can focus on recovery. With this dedication and our clear, honest communication, you can make confident, informed decisions for your future. 

How Does Improper Braking Cause Truck Accidents in Kansas City?

Improper braking is often a result of human error and occurs when a driver fails to stop their vehicle in time. Depending on the unique details of the accident, the following parties may be responsible for this type of crash:

  • Truck driver: If the truck driver was distracted, drove recklessly, or failed to leave a safe distance between the vehicle in front of them, they may be responsible for an improper braking accident.
  • Driver’s employer: The truck driver’s employer may be liable for an improper braking-related accident if they overworked their employee or failed to inspect and maintain their vehicles to ensure their brakes work properly.
  • Manufacturer: If the truck driver could not brake properly due to a defective part, the manufacturer may be responsible for the collision. 
  • Another driver: Another driver may be responsible for the accident if they pulled out in front of the truck quickly without giving the truck driver efficient time or space to stop.
  • Property owner or government agency: Property owners and government agencies have a responsibility to keep their roads safe and clear for other drivers. If they fail to do this and a truck driver brakes improperly, they may be liable for the collision.

All drivers and parties involved in truck maintenance are responsible for upholding their duty to care for the safety of others. When they neglect this duty and directly cause an accident and injuries, our tenacious lawyer at Hollis Law Firm can help build a strong claim and hold the at-fault party accountable for their careless actions.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Recover Fair Compensation After an Improper Braking Truck Accident

If you have suffered injuries in a truck accident, you may worry about paying medical bills and other expenses, especially if you cannot work during your recovery. Fortunately, our passionate lawyer at Hollis Law Firm works closely with you from start to finish, so you don’t have to handle the complicated legal process alone. We help you secure fair compensation for your losses in the following ways:

  • Conducting a detailed investigation
  • Collecting and analyzing evidence
  • Accurately calculating your claim’s worth
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Utilizing valuable resources like accident reconstructionists and traffic analysts
  • Negotiating with insurance adjusters on your behalf
  • Taking your claim to court if necessary

In addition to taking the weight of the legal process off your shoulders, we ensure you take full advantage of your opportunity to seek compensation by filing your claim within Missouri’s five-year statute of limitations. This way, you can make a smooth, full recovery with the peace of mind that you are in the right hands.

Contact the Trustworthy Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyer at Hollis Law Firm Today

Trucks take longer to come to a complete stop than cars due to their size and weight, so truck drivers need to ensure they leave enough room to brake to avoid an accident. When they fail to do this and cause an accident, you have the right to file a claim and pursue financial compensation for your losses. Our seasoned lawyer at Hollis Law Firm can guide you through this process and give you the best chance of achieving fair compensation.

Our exceptional, comprehensive legal services begin with a free consultation, during which we listen to your story and understand your unique needs. To schedule yours, call us at (800) 701-3672 or fill out our contact form.