PerFix Plug Lawsuit: Who is the FDA Protecting?

Bard PerFix Plug Lawsuit

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The PerFix Plug hernia mesh lawsuit is against Bard and its subsidiary Davol Inc. The PerFix Plug is used to repair inguinal (groin) hernias. Men are ten times more likely than women to experience an inguinal hernia. Many men are reporting severe, chronic groin and leg pain after being implanted with the PerFix Plug. The pain is so debilitating that numerous men report being unable to work or even walk. Our hernia mesh lawyers have received reports of debilitating pain from teenagers, athletes, and veterans. The pain is real, it’s severe.



PerFix Plug: A Defective Design

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The PerFix is woven polypropylene hernia mesh plug. Polypropylene is a type of cheap plastic that degrades and erodes through tissue once implanted. The woven design of the PerFix Plug creates small pores (holes) throughout the mesh. Nerves grow into these pores and attach to the mesh soon after implant. As the mesh erodes and moves through the inguinal canal, it pulls and stretches the nerves attached to it. The nerves stretching is what’s causing debilitating pain. Additionally, pain caused from nerves stretching is essentially unable to be treatable. Opioids are not effective at treating nerve pain.

Our hernia mesh lawyers have also observed a large number of PerFix Plugs coming unwoven. In many cases, the patients body rejects small pieces of the PerFix Plug that’s came unwoven. The rejection process is slow and results in a chronic non-healing wound, at times leading to an infection.


PerFix Plug Deployed

Like the 3DMax (which is also made by Bard), the PerFix Plug should be removed before it erodes into the spermatic cord in men. Once the PerFix Plug has eroded into the spermatic cord, it could become impossible to remove without also removing a testicle. Consult hernia repair specialist if you are experiencing chronic pain after being implanted with the PerFix Plug.


PerFix Plug Lawsuit

Contact our skilled hernia mesh lawyers today for a free PerFix Plug case evaluation. An attorney and a medical professional will look over your case and let you know what they believe the best course of action is for you. The Hollis Law Firm does not handle class actions. Each claim is an individual lawsuit. The specific facts of your lawsuit will determine if your lawsuit is compensable and to what amount. The Hollis Law Firm represents clients and files lawsuits nationwide. All case evaluations and consultations are FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, and carry NO RISK or OBLIGATION. Call 1-800-701-3672 for a Bard PerFix Plug hernia mesh lawsuit evaluation.

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