Sepramesh Lawsuit

Bard SepraMesh Lawsuit

The SepraMesh lawsuit is against C.R. Bard and its subsidiary Davol. The SepraMesh is a composite hernia mesh with an absorbable layer. The SepraMesh was originally created and brought to the market by Genzyme Biological in 2000. Bard cleared their own composite mesh in 2006, but it was unsuccessful. Bard then bought the license to manufacture and market the SepraMesh from Genzyme Biological. Bard used the SepraMesh to help design its next composite mesh, Ventralight, which came to market in 2010. Bard’s Sepra Technology (ST) was derived from the SepraMesh. Bard now uses its ST on its Ventralex ST, Ventrio ST, and Ventralight.

SepraMesh: Defective Materials

The SepraMesh is made of a lipid coating that incites high levels of inflammation once implanted. Chronic inflammation caused by the SepraMesh leads to slow wound healing and chronic infection.

Scientific Articles on SepraMesh

June 2016: SepraMesh and Postoperative Peritoneal Adhesions in Rat Models.

Davol’s SepraMesh was implanted and studied for 8 days. Postoperative peritoneal adhesions occurred at the extremities of the mesh where bare polypropylene was exposed. Adhesions also formed where fixation sutures exposed the polypropylene.

December 2012: Experimental Study on Synthetic and Biologic Mesh Implantation in a Contaminated Environment.

7 different hernia mesh products were implanted intraperitoneally in rats and evaluated for 90 days. The Sepramesh showed a significant increase in adhesion coverage. At 90 days, 60% of the Sepramesh was covered in adhesions.

February 2012: Comparison of contracture, adhesion, tissue ingrowth, and histologic response characteristics of permanent and absorbable barrier meshes in a porcine model of laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

2011: Chemical adhesion barriers: do they affect the intraperitoneal behavior of a composite mesh?

SepraMesh Lawsuit

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