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What Happens When a Car Accident Claim Exceeds Insurance Limits?

Car Accidents / November 27, 2023

Car accidents are stressful, almost no matter how you look at them. Typically, even for minor damages, you can exchange insurance information with the responsible driver. Sometimes, uninsured motorists will offer to pay for costs out of pocket when they don’t have insurance coverage to assist with the damages. However, this process can be far more challenging to move through when there are severe injuries and medical bills due to the incident. What happens when there isn’t sufficient coverage for your losses and suffering?

It may be possible to receive compensation equal to your losses if the other driver doesn’t have enough coverage, though navigating it may be challenging. We recommend you work with a car accident lawyer, like one from Hollis Law Firm. An attorney has extensive experience managing claims around severe bodily harm, and we can help you move in the right direction. Our clients historically win significant and fair compensation with our support, and we can do the same for you during this difficult time. 

Can You Receive Higher Compensation When the At-Fault Party Is Underinsured?

If you know the liable party is underinsured, you may receive just compensation for your losses and injuries. 

Personal Injury Protection

In several states, including Kansas, motorists are required to carry personal injury protection insurance (PIP). This protection can be used to bolster the compensation you can receive when the other parties lack sufficient coverage for your accident. 

There may also be other options, such as underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage in their car insurance policies. We encourage you to work with an attorney for further assistance in exploring your legal options to receive a fair recovery. 

Options Beyond Insurance Coverage

There may be cases where your insurance and the at-fault driver’s coverage are insufficient, but you may have options. While many drivers with low or no insurance lack other assets, you may choose to take legal action against them. This may not be ideal, but the option can be more thoroughly explored and considered with an attorney. 

Why You Should Work With an Underinsured Accident Lawyer

If you are considering legal action or are in the midst of legal matters, we strongly recommend you work with a qualified and experienced attorney. A lawyer, like one from Hollis Law Firm, can speak on your behalf, manage your paperwork, maintain your legal and medical schedule, and give you actionable next steps and strategies tailored to your case. 

We recommend you refrain from representing yourself during your legal matters, as you can encounter many significant risks. You might suffer unnecessary stress, reduced compensatory value for your claims, a lost case, lengthy litigation, or a more difficult healing process. Avoid these and many other adverse consequences when you retain support from Hollis Law Firm. 

Contact us immediately or as soon as possible to improve your odds of success even further. We will need sufficient time to collect evidence, understand your priorities and needs, build a case in your favor, and connect you with other helpful specialists. Reaching out sooner will make this process far more manageable and likely to be successful.  

Hollis Law Firm Can Help You Analyze Your Options and Boost Your Compensation 

When you face severe injuries due to another person’s negligence, and the liable parties lack enough insurance coverage to address your financial needs, you don’t have to work alone. An attorney from Hollis Law Firm can aid you as you navigate the legal system, lending you our confidence, knowledge, and helpful strategies. We support victims and survivors of all kinds and can do the same for you.  

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation. During your consultation with our talented and dedicated attorney, we can answer your questions and address any lingering concerns you have about your claims. Call us at (800) 701-3672 or complete our contact form today.