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In employment law, retaliation occurs when an employer punishes an employee or former employee for taking action against the employer. Such action could be taken due to discrimination, harassment, or fraud in the workplace. Retaliation can occur when an employer demotes or terminates an employee, changes their schedule, reduces their pay, or even transfers them to another location. 

If you have been a victim of workplace retaliation, let an experienced Kansas City retaliation attorney represent you as you rightfully stand up against your employer. 

Retaliation and the Law in Kansas City

In Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas, an employer cannot lawfully terminate the employment of or retaliate against an employee, in any manner, after the employee has reported certain violations made by the employer. Employees should be able to work in a safe and non-hostile work environment without the fear of being discriminated against or harassed.

If you have spoken up about discrimination or harassment in your workplace and are now experiencing retaliation from your employer, an employment law attorney may be able to help you file a claim against your employer.

What Claims Are Protected from Retaliation in Kansas City?

If you report certain violations or behaviors that your employer has exhibited, your employer legally cannot fire you for reporting such information. The following are some of the claims for which your employer cannot retaliate against you for making:

FMLA Retaliation

Under federal law, an employer cannot mistreat an employee when they take a leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Reporting Fraud

After an employee has reported fraud in their workplace, an employer may retaliate. Such prohibited retaliation may include firing the employee, penalizing the employee financially, or subtlety excluding the employee from events or meetings.

Reporting Harassment and Discrimination

Employees have a protected legal right to voice their experiences of harassment in the workplace. An employer retaliates against an employee when they treat the employee adversely after making such reports.

Taking Medical Leave

Employees are entitled to take medical leave, and it is against the law for employers to treat employees adversely due to their medical leave.

If you believe that you have been subjected to employer retaliation, you should consult with an experienced Kansas City retaliation attorney. An attorney may be able to help you seek justice.

employment law
employment law

Types of Retaliation in Kansas City

If an employer reacts negatively to an employee who speaks up against discrimination or harassment in the workplace, a lawsuit can be brought against the employer. Sometimes, retaliation can be subtle and hard to prove; however, it is not impossible to prove the existence of retaliation. The following are common types of retaliation:

    • Termination
    • Demotion
    • Lowering salary or wages
    • Loss of benefits
    • Making threats
    • Failing to promote
    • Harassment
    • Forced resignation

    As an employee, you never know how your employer will react after you make a harassment or discrimination claim against them. It is essential to document any situations that may be retaliation and contact an experienced retaliation attorney in Kansas City to help you navigate your case.

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