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Non-compete agreements are contracts created by employers and signed by employees that prevent employees from quitting their job to take one with a competitor. Designed to protect employers’ investments in their employees, non-competition agreements are a common strategy companies use to safeguard the time and money they put into their employees. However, while these contracts are legal agreements, sometimes employers overstep the law, enforcing the documents past what is legally allowed.

If you feel like your employer is either asking you to sign a non-compete agreement that is not legally valid or is wrongfully enforcing a non-compete agreement, it’s essential to seek legal action. At the Hollis Law Firm, our highly skilled Kansas City employment lawyer is here to ensure you are protected from employers who overstep the limits of your non-compete agreement. Here is some important information to know about non-compete agreements. 

What to Know About Non-compete Agreements 

Non-compete agreements are designed to prohibit employees from working for a competitor for a certain time period following the end of their employment. It is important to distinguish non-compete agreements from non-solicitation agreements, which are designed to prohibit employees from “stealing” their employer’s customers for a certain time period following the end of their employment. In addition to outlining the length of time that an employee must wait before pursuing employment with a competitor, non-compete agreements tend to include non-disclosure agreements, which are designed to prevent employees from disclosing confidential information about their employer. 

It is fairly common for companies to require employees to sign a non-compete agreement as a condition of starting their employment. These agreements can be required of all employees at a company, ranging from top-level executives to entry-level team members. It is important to know that in order to be enforceable, a non-compete agreement must be designed to protect business interests. 

Not Every Non-compete Agreement Is Enforceable 

Just because you sign a non-compete agreement does not always mean it is enforceable. In fact, the extent to which you are restricted in pursuing other employment can be taken to court. Many courts are becoming increasingly less tolerant toward non-compete agreements, as employers have broadened their scope to include conditions beyond simply protecting their business interests. When determining whether or not a non-compete agreement is legitimate, a court will consider the following criteria: 

    • The geographic area in which you are restricted
    • The length of time in which you are restricted 
    • The scope of the activities in which you are restricted 

    Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employers to create non-compete agreements that go beyond legal allowances. If you suspect you are being restricted by an unfair non-compete agreement, consulting a skilled non-compete lawyer is the best way to understand your situation and whether your agreement may not be enforceable. 

    Is Your Non-compete Agreement Legal?

    It is very common for employers to create non-compete agreements with restrictions that overstep the document’s legal purpose of protecting the employer. Instead, it has become increasingly common for non-compete agreements to be created with the intention of harming the employee. If your non-compete agreement contains conditions that seem harsh—such as requiring you to wait 5 years before pursuing a job with a competitor—it’s likely the contract would not hold up in court.

employment law
employment law

Consult with a Trusted Employment Lawyer from the Hollis Law Firm

If you suspect that a non-compete agreement from your employer has conditions outside of its legal bounds, it’s a good idea to seek legal advice from a trusted employment lawyer. In many scenarios, employers put restrictive clauses in non-compete agreements that are not legally enforceable.  

At the Hollis Law Firm, our highly skilled Kansas City employment lawyer is committed to ensuring employees are protected from manipulative, restrictive non-compete agreements. Our experienced employment attorney is dedicated to holding your employer accountable and ensuring your rights are protected. You can contact Hollis Law Firm at (800) 701-3672 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.


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