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After finally reaching the end of numerous rounds of interviews, successful job candidates may be offered a long-sought-after employment contract. Workers spend months trying to impress employers to receive a job offer and employment contract, and the job hunt doesn’t stop until the employment contract is signed. An employment contract is used in labor law to assign rights and duties between an employee and an employer. 

Employment contracts aren’t the same between industries, employers, or even employees in the same company. Workers have to pluck up their courage to negotiate the terms of their contract to get the best deal on their end. When faced with an employment contract issue, employees may also need help from an employment contract lawyer.

What Should You Do before Signing an Employment Contract?

You have to be careful before you sign a contract of any kind. Contracts are often filled with all sorts of legal jargon that can make them difficult to understand, and employment contracts will include information vital to understanding your new position and all that working for your employer will entail. Before signing an employment contract, you should:

      • Review your job title and duties
      • Discuss your salary and benefits
      • Know what your start date and work hours would be
      • Understand holiday pay and sick leave
      • Look for restrictive clauses
      • Ask for a copy of the contract

If you disagree with any of these points in your employment contract, put off signing until you can negotiate the issue.

Common Employment Contract Negotiations in Kansas City

An employment contract is usually a regular written contract that both the employer and the employee must acknowledge and sign. The contract will assist a company in outlining its relationship with its employees by ensuring that both parties understand the critical aspects of the contractual relationship. Commonly negotiated aspects of an employment contract include: 

    • Salary: You should know what your skills are worth and discuss the average salary for people in similar roles.
    • Benefits: Employers often offer health insurance and 401K matching in their benefits plan. These are important to consider for your short-term and long-term goals.
    • Work schedule: Consider your job duties and the location of your worksite. There may be room to adjust your work hours in a way that better suits your work.
    • Vacation time: Significant vacation time is a highly desired benefit that may sway your decision if you have multiple job offers.

    Consider consulting an employment contract lawyer if you are having issues with any of these factors.

    Do You Need an Employment Contract Lawyer?

    Employees who are negotiating an employment contract can benefit greatly from the assistance of an employment contract lawyer. A good employment contract lawyer can explain the benefits and drawbacks of your employment contract and assist you in negotiating terms and conditions that best protect your interests. Your lawyer can also ensure that the contract’s wording and contents do not violate your legal rights. 

    When it comes to a breach of an employment contract, it is critical to seek the assistance of an experienced employment contract lawyer to protect your rights. A court can enforce a legally binding employment contract, and an attorney can defend you against the claim and represent you in court if you’ve been accused of breaching your employment contract. They can also represent you in mediation or arbitration. If you have an issue with an employer over an employment contract, it is always a good idea to talk with an employment contract lawyer.

employment law
employment law

Consult an Experienced Kansas City Employment Contract Lawyer 

Before and after signing an employment contract, you should consider what fair compensation for your work is. Many employers will do what they can to ensure they come out on top in any given situation, but you are not powerless to uphold your worth. If you want to get the best out of your employment contract, you should work with an experienced Kansas City employment contract lawyer.

At Hollis Law Firm, we work tirelessly to defend our clients’ rights. We provide high-quality legal representation to the workers of Kansas City so they feel empowered to stand up for their best interests. Our firm is prepared to help you review your employment contract so you receive fair compensation for your work under fair terms. Schedule a consultation with an experienced Kansas City employment lawyer by calling us at (800) 701-3672 or completing our contact form.


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