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There are three common ways employees traditionally earn their income: hourly wages, tips from customers, and commissions. When employees earn commissions, they receive payment based on a sale. While some employees earn commission alongside their additional base income, others only receive commissions. Employees earning their income through commission may find it challenging to keep a stable living because of the variability of each commission. 

Due to the fluctuation in pay, employers must pay employees earning their income through commissions in a timely manner. Unfortunately, some wish to take advantage of employees making an earning on commission and refuse to pay the agreed-upon amount. Commission disputes may be challenging to handle on your own, but an experienced attorney can help resolve disagreements through communication or legal action if necessary. Speak with a Hollis Law Firm commission dispute lawyer to learn how they can assist with your case. 

What Causes a Commission Dispute in Kansas City?

Many commission disputes occur through various forms of miscommunications and misunderstandings. However, there are numerous reasons individuals withhold payment on a commission. The following are examples of common reasons for commission disputes in Kansas City, MO:

    • Miscommunication
    • Poor technology
    • Lack of resources and time
    • Unforeseen influences and events
    • Complex and complicated processes

    When handling commission disputes, most employees wish to avoid any legal action if possible. Unfortunately, there are those that wish to take advantage of others and withhold payment on the agreed-upon commission. If an individual fails to follow up with their agreement, you have the right to seek legal action with the assistance of a dependable commission dispute attorney.

    How to Resolve a Commission Dispute

    In some commission dispute cases, a lawyer can help resolve the disagreement by referring to the employee’s contract and the terms that both parties agreed upon. Their contract will clearly state who is entitled to the commission, incentives that would challenge an employee’s compensation, and often what will occur if an individual refuses to complete the transaction.

    Some individuals have no written contract between the two parties. During these types of situations where no contract exists, the commissioned individual can use any written communication between the two parties to validate the agreement. Oral communications are hard to trace and enforce, so it’s very helpful to have a contract or some form of written agreement. 

    Regardless of the circumstances, it’s essential to speak with your attorney about the various ways they can help resolve the issue. By referring back to the contract or written agreement, a lawyer may be able to address the misunderstanding or state that legal action may be necessary. 

    4 Ways to Reduce Commission Disputes

    A significant amount of time, energy, resources, and money goes into a commission. When a commission dispute occurs, many employees will feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Consider a few ways to reduce the likelihood of commission disputes through:

    Clear Communication

    You can never be too precise when communicating with an individual about your commission. Make sure you confirm dates, times, and payments before completing or working on a project. This also includes those working in a company where that includes commissions. Miscommunication can occur within the company that causes disruptions in the agreement with the purchasing party.

    Written Contracts

    When individuals use solely texting or emails to communicate their sale details, there is plenty of room for misunderstandings and disputes. However, when a contract is written and sent over to the party for their agreement and signature, they have the ability to disagree or ask for clarification.

    Upfront or Split Payments

    Some individuals who receive commission payments will ask for an upfront payment or half of the commission to secure their agreement. In some cases, an individual will claim they did not receive their agreed-upon commission and request a refund. Speak with your attorney about how to handle stressful situations like these. 

    Provide Managerial Insight

    If a commissioned individual works within a company that pays partially by commission, it’s vital for the company to have managers with reporting and performance insight. They will have the ability to check over any agreements or workload of an individual and possibly catch a miscommunication prior to the commission dispute occurring.

    While you may do everything to clear miscommunications and misunderstandings, many challenges can affect a commission dispute. Contacting a lawyer when the conversation becomes disagreeable or payment is not properly received is important. 

    When Should I Contact a Kansas City Commission Dispute Attorney?

    A commission dispute comes with many challenges, but our commission dispute attorney at Hollis Law Firm can provide you with legal representation you can trust. Consider a few of the many ways a commission dispute lawyer can assist with your claim: 

    • Answering your questions
    • Reviewing documents for potential legal issues
    • Negotiating settlement offers and payments
    • Gathering case-related documentation and evidence
    • Interviewing eyewitnesses 
    • Collecting surveillance
    • Representing you in case-related conflicts

    Trying to handle a commission dispute without the help of an experienced employment attorney can put your commission and rights at risk. With the help of reliable legal representation, you’ll be better equipped to settle the disagreement as quickly as possible and with hopefully minimal stress.

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Contact Hollis Law Firm for a Dependable Kansas City Commission Dispute Attorney 

When you work with an experienced and knowledgeable Hollis Law Firm commission dispute lawyer, you’ll have the tools and resources for a smooth case. We understand how important it is to receive a commission in a timely manner and how delays may cause other financial issues to occur. The Hollis Law Firm will provide you with fast and efficient communication to move past this stressful event. Call (800) 701-3672 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney at Hollis Law Firm today.


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