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The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act—which is commonly referred to as COBRA—requires the continuation of health insurance for certain employees who have lost their jobs or experienced reduced hours. Eligibility for COBRA benefits requires employees to meet certain qualifying conditions. If employees meet the requirements, their employers must comply with COBRA requirements. 

If you are having a hard time getting your employer to enforce your COBRA benefits, it’s a good idea to speak with a trusted employment lawyer. An experienced attorney can examine all of the factors surrounding your situation and help ensure your rights are protected. Here is some important information to know about COBRA benefits in Kansas City. 

What Is COBRA Health Insurance Coverage?

US employers who employ more than 50 full-time workers are typically required to provide health insurance to eligible employees by covering part of their insurance premium. Sometimes, employees become ineligible to receive an employer’s health insurance benefits. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as falling below a minimum number of hours or getting fired. In these scenarios, the employer may stop paying their portion of the employee’s insurance premiums. 

In these situations, COBRA benefits allow an employee and their dependents to continue being covered by their insurance for a certain time frame. However, they must pay their own insurance premiums. Under COBRA, former employees and their spouses and children must be provided with the option of continued health insurance coverage at group rates. While this rate will likely be higher than the price they paid as an employee, COBRA coverage is usually less expensive than an individual insurance plan. 

When Is COBRA Coverage Required? 

COBRA coverage is required under certain qualifying events. Some of these qualifying events include: 

    • Voluntary or involuntary job loss
    • A reduction in an employee’s work hours
    • Divorce or marriage
    • Death of a close family member
    • Having a baby or adopting a child 

    These are just a few situations that are considered qualifying events. Employees may be disqualified from COBRA if acts of misconduct were the reason behind their termination. However, it is important to note that even if an employee is fired because of poor performance, they are still eligible for COBRA rights. 

    Getting Notified of Your COBRA Rights 

    Employers are legally required to notify their employees of their right to use their COBRA coverage for a specified time period. After an employee is notified of their eligibility for COBRA rights, they have at least 60 days to continue coverage. If an employer fails to send a COBRA notice or comply with other COBRA requirements, they can face civil penalties. 

    COBRA has specific standards for the continuation of coverage that employers must follow. Additionally, there are specific requirements for how long the coverage must be provided and how the coverage will be terminated. If your employer has failed to comply with COBRA requirements, it’s essential to take action by securing legal representation from a trusted employment attorney.  

employment law
employment law

Consult with a Trusted Kansas City COBRA Benefits Attorney 

If you believe that your employer is failing to comply with COBRA benefits, it’s essential to speak with someone with intimate knowledge of COBRA and the requirements and eligibility surrounding continued health coverage. Seeking legal advice from a trusted Kansas City employment lawyer is the best way to determine if your employer is failing to comply with COBRA requirements. 

At the Hollis Law Firm, our highly skilled Kansas City employment lawyer is extremely knowledgeable about COBRA rights and is committed to helping ensure eligible employees retain their health benefits. Our experienced employment attorney is dedicated to holding employers throughout Kansas City accountable for failures to uphold COBRA benefits. To see if you can pursue civil penalties against your employer, contact the Hollis Law Firm at (800) 701-3672 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.


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