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People work hard going through months of job searching to obtain employment that they think is fair. Job hunting can be a long-term endeavor, and the hunt doesn’t stop until you sign on the dotted line. Once those papers have been signed, it is both sides’ responsibility to uphold the terms that were agreed upon. 

Unfortunately, many people experience times when their employer doesn’t stay true to their original agreement. You have every right to try to resolve or recover any losses you may have experienced due to your employer’s actions. If you’re considering fighting back against an employer who breached an employment contract with you, it may be beneficial to consult an employment contract lawyer.

employment law
employment law

Common Types of Employment Contracts in Kansas City

When an employer breaches the terms of an employment contract, they devalue what the employee brings to the table, putting them in a difficult position. Your employment contract is the foundation of your working relationship with your employer. That relationship can look different depending on the nature of the work you’ll be doing, so the type of worker you are is going to affect the type of employment contract you have.

The most common types of employment contracts you’ll encounter in Kansas City include:

Full-time Contracts

Full-time contracts are awarded to employees who hold permanent positions in the company and work a full workweek of at least 35 hours. These contracts usually include benefits, paid holidays, vacation time, sick time, and retirement plans.

Part-time Contracts

Part-time contracts are typically provided to persons who work fewer than 35 hours per week and usually feature some of the same terms and conditions as full-time contracts. Many part-time contracts include information on the employee’s flexibility, weekly schedule, and pay rate, but seldom include information about insurance or PTO.

Freelance Contracts

Freelance contracts are used to hire workers who complete specific projects. These are usually one-off creative projects, such as website design, article writing, or photography. Freelance contracts outline the hours, project details, rates, and payment terms. Freelancers are usually considered self-employed, so their contracts do not typically include benefits.

What Constitutes an Employment Contract in Kansas City?

Kansas and Missouri are both at-will employment states, meaning either you or your employer can terminate employment at any time for any reason. While that is the case, signing an employment contract can protect both the employee and employer. The stipulations in an employment contract are enforceable by the courts, so agreements made therein are protected and cannot be ignored even in an at-will state. 

A good employment contract should address the following:

  • Effective date
  • Duration of employment
  • Schedule
  • Job responsibilities
  • Wage and payment details
  • Available benefits
  • Information on promotions and advancements
  • Leave and time off policies
  • Non-compete clauses
  • Conflict resolution protocol

In many cases, employers use standard employment contracts to deal with many prospective employees. Still, details may vary depending on factors such as your classification and the number of hours you agree to work. Regardless, you should make sure you go through an employment contract before putting pen to paper. It may even be worth hiring an employment contract lawyer to go through the contract with you to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

What Actions Can Breach an Employment Contract?

Contracts represent the commitments parties make to each other and outline each parties’ responsibilities to maintain those commitments. A breach of contract occurs when either the employer or the employee fails to meet their contractual commitments. 

Common examples of a breach of contract include:

  • The employer fails to pay the wages stipulated in the employment contract.
  • The employer cancels the job in violation of the contract’s terms.
  • The employee seeks employment elsewhere before the terms of the other contract expire.
  • The employee discloses the company’s confidential information without proper authority.


What Should You Do When Your Employment Contract Is Breached?

When your employer breaches their employment contract, it could jeopardize your livelihood. Sometimes workers feel powerless to stop their employers from violating their rights, but employees are not without their options for recourse. If your employer has breached your employment contract, you should take the following measures:

  • Check the job contract for any clauses that have been broken.
  • Take the contract to your employer and try to work out a solution internally.
  • Make contact with a lawyer who will evaluate the contract to see if there is any evidence of a breach of contract.
  • Attempt to use mediation or arbitration to settle the dispute.

If your issue isn’t resolved after following these measures, you should consider talking to a lawyer about pursuing legal action against your employer. Should your case be viable, you may be able to recover damages for any losses you may have experienced from the breach through a civil suit. Help ensure the success of your suit by hiring an employment contract lawyer.

Should You Hire an Employment Contract Lawyer?

Employees who have experienced a breach of employment contract can benefit substantially from the help of an experienced employment contract lawyer. Employment contract lawyers are knowledgeable about employee rights, and a good one will help you understand the terms of your contract and fight to protect your best interests.

Your lawyer can also make sure the contract’s wording and content do not infringe on your legal rights. A court can legally enforce employment contracts, so your attorney can defend you and represent you if your case is taken before a court. They can also help you with mediation and arbitration. 

Consult an Experienced Kansas City Employment Contract Lawyer 

When you sign a contract, you anticipate holding up your end of the deal while expecting your employer to hold up their end. By breaching your employment contract, your employer is not only violating your trust, but they’re also violating your rights as a worker. It may be nerve-wracking, but you should feel empowered to stand up for your rights. Reach out to an experienced Kansas City employment contract lawyer to learn your legal options.

At Hollis Law Firm, we will fight for you. Our firm is packed with resourceful and skilled lawyers who are prepared to stand up for your best interest. We are ready to assist you in reviewing your employment contract so that you are compensated fairly under the terms of your contract. Call us at (800) 701-3672 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation with one of our Kansas City employment lawyers.


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