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Do Kansas City Workers Have Any Protections for Medical Marijuana Use?

Employment Law / November 3, 2021

In recent years, states across the country have been revising their laws governing marijuana use. Some state governments have chosen to make marijuana legal for medical use, recreational use, or both. While medical marijuana may be legal in Kansas City, Missouri, can employers still require their employees to refrain from using this drug even if they possess a medical card? If you are facing repercussions from your employer due to the use of medical marijuana, you may want to reach out to a Kansas City employment lawyer.

Are There Protections for Employees Who Use Medical Marijuana?

In Kansas City, Missouri, there are no official protections in place for employees who use medical marijuana, even if they are doing so legally. While medical marijuana has been made legal by the Missouri state government, this does not impact an employer’s ability to create company policies that restrict employees from using medical marijuana. While employers have the right to prohibit the use of drugs or alcohol by their employees, the employer must not apply the policy in a discriminatory manner.

Employees need to know that if it is discovered that they use medical marijuana, they may face the following repercussions:

  • Diminished worker’s compensation benefits
  • Temporary layoff
  • Termination of employment

What Should You Do If You Were Terminated for Medical Marijuana Use?

If you have been terminated or have faced other repercussions for using medical marijuana, hiring an experienced employment lawyer may be helpful to you. This is especially true if you believe that your termination was wrongful. A Kansas City employment lawyer may be able to help you build a claim by doing the following:

  • Gather evidence of the lack of a drug policy provided by employers
  • Obtain witness statements from other employees
  • Provide dedicated representation

If you have been wrongfully terminated or have lost worker’s compensation benefits due to medical marijuana use, you deserve to seek justice for any losses you may have suffered as a result.

Contact a Kansas City Employment Lawyer at Hollis Law Firm

Medical Marijuana is legal in Kansas City, Missouri, but employers still have a right to enforce policies that prohibit employees from using marijuana for medical use. If your employer has taken negative actions against you for marijuana use, and the employer applied its policies in a discriminatory manner, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the losses you have suffered. An experienced employment lawyer may be able to help you with your claim.

Hollis Law Firm has a team of skilled lawyers with experience helping clients in Kansas City, Missouri. We are proud to provide our clients with the dedicated representation they deserve. To schedule a free consultation with our experienced employment lawyer in Kansas City, you can fill out our contact form or call (800) 701-3672.