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Are Religious Organizations Allowed to Discriminate against Employees?

Employment Law / December 16, 2021

Every employee has the right to feel safe and accepted at their place of work. However, for many employees, this is not the case. A report has shown that about 61 percent of American employees have faced discrimination of some type in their workplace. Discrimination in the workplace is a prevalent issue among American businesses, and discrimination is unlawful in most cases.

Hollis Law Firm is a Kansas City law firm offering clients the help of a skilled employment lawyer who has extensive experience helping clients facing discrimination at work. When it comes to religious organizations, it is important to know whether they are allowed to discriminate against employees.

What Are the Types of Workplace Discrimination?

When discrimination is prevalent in the workplace, it can create a hostile environment for employees and make it difficult for the company to function properly. Discrimination may occur during the hiring process or when a person is already employed by the company. Additionally, any person employed by a business may become a victim of discrimination. Some of the most common types of workplace discrimination include:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Gender/Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Sexual harassment
  • National origin
  • Pregnancy
  • Color
  • Retaliation

If you have faced discrimination for any of these protected characteristics, consider speaking with a discrimination lawyer. You may be eligible to receive financial compensation for any losses you have suffered as a result.

Can Religious Organizations Discriminate against Employees?

In almost all situations, discrimination at the workplace is considered to be unlawful. However, there is a notable exception to this rule when it comes to religious organizations. Religious organizations are allowed to discriminate in regards to their religion. Due to the fact that the nature of their work involved practicing a particular religion, it is considered common sense that they would only wish to hire employees that practice that same religion. This is also allowed because they have the right to exercise freedom of religion.

Some examples of religious organizations include:

  • Churches
  • Temples
  • Mosques
  • An organization that states a religious purpose
  • An organization that operates day-to-day for religious purposes
  • The organization is for-profit and has a religious purpose

While religious organizations have an exception to the law of discrimination regarding religion, that does not mean they may discriminate for any other reason. Religious organizations may not discriminate against potential or current employees for any of the other protected characteristics.

Get Help from a Skilled Discrimination Lawyer

If your or a loved one has experienced discrimination at the workplace, you may be owed financial compensation for your losses. Victims of workplace discrimination may be eligible to collect damages for lost wages, emotional distress, and other costs. To get help with your workplace discrimination claim, contact a skilled discrimination lawyer.

Hollis Law Firm is a Kansas City law firm that is home to a skilled employment lawyer with extensive experience helping clients who have been the victims of workplace discrimination. We understand that going through the claims process can be overwhelming. That is why we are proud to provide clients with the trusted legal counsel that they deserve. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here or call (800) 701-3672.