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8 Signs You Are Being Sexually Harassed at Work

Employment Law / September 10, 2021

Every employee deserves to feel safe going to work each day. Unfortunately, the safety of the workplace is tainted by sexual harassment for many employees. Sexual harassment can affect both men and women, but nearly 80% of women report that they have experienced some degree of sexual harassment. If you are unsure if what you are experiencing would be considered sexual harassment or not, you may want to consult with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer.

Many victims may not even be aware that they are being sexually harassed. The following signs might help employees recognize that they are being sexually harassed at work.

8 Signs You Are Being Sexually Harassed at Work

It can be intimidating for an employee to report sexual harassment at work, especially if the abuser is in a management role. Employees should know what signs to look out for to help support their sexual harassment claim.

You Feel Uncomfortable

Sexual harassment does not always have to be a blatant exchange of inappropriate behavior. If you are experiencing uncomfortable looks or staring, sexual innuendos, or even sexual touching passed off as an accident, the discomfort you feel may be your body’s way of telling you that something is not right. Whether the actions being carried out against you are obvious or not, if they are unwanted and make you feel uncomfortable, then you may be experiencing sexual harassment.

Unwanted Physical Touching

No one should touch you without your consent, especially if it is in a sexual way. Some examples of unwanted physical touching may include:

  • Rubbing your shoulder
  • Pushing up against you
  • Hugging
  • Using one’s body to block you from passing by

Your Gender Is Causing You to Be Treated Differently

If you are singled out or treated differently due to your gender, this could be a sign of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination, and your employer should take this issue seriously if it arises.

“No” Had No Impact

If someone at work has made advances toward you, and you have said “no,” then that person should honor your decision. If saying “no” provides no solution to the unwanted advances, this is considered sexual harassment.

You Were Asked for a Sexual Favor

When you are asked for a sexual favor in exchange for some reward or promotion at work, this is considered a quid pro quo. A quid pro quo also occurs when an employer, or a person in a position of power over you, threatens to take action against you if you do not perform the sexual favor they requested.

You Are Being Bullied for Refusing Romantic or Sexual Advances

If you are being bullied at work because you have turned down sexual or romantic advances, this is considered sexual harassment.

You Are Subjected to Sexual Jokes or Images

You interact with your colleagues at work, but these interactions should always remain professional. If you are being told sexual jokes or shown sexual or explicit images, this may be a sign of sexual harassment and should be reported.

You Are Not the Only Victim

Word spreads fast amongst employees. If you have heard that some of your colleagues have also experienced sexual harassment, this may be an issue that has been going on behind the scenes for a long time.

Get Help from a Sexual Harassment Lawyer at the Hollis Law Firm

At the Hollis Law Firm, our knowledgeable employment lawyer has extensive experience helping clients who have been victims of sexual harassment at work. No one should have to experience sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers should have solid rules and regulations so that this type of conduct does not occur; however, if you have been the victim of sexual harassment at work, you deserve justice.

The Hollis Law Firm is proud to have a skilled employment lawyer on our legal team. We are proud to provide clients with the knowledgeable and dedicated representation they deserve. To get started on your sexual harassment claim, schedule a free consultation here or call (800) 701-3672.